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As of July 15th 2016

Computer Diagnostics

$25.00 (Inspection, Troubleshooting of Computer, & minor quick fixes)
(Diagnostic Service is included in System Reinstall, Hardware Installation, & Virus Removal Services)

System Reinstall

$70.00 (Valid Operating System License Required)

Comprehensive Virus Removal

$80.00 (May be less if virus infection rate is less)

Hardware Installation

(Without other Existing Service) (Cost of parts not included.)

Data Backup

$25.00 plus $1.00 a disc
(Includes Pictures, Music, and Documents that have not been deleted) (Without Service) (With Service: $1.00/disc.)

File Recovery

(Includes files that have been previously deleted, even after a system reinstall.) (Without Service, 1 Hour minimum at $5, & $5/hour thereafter) (With Service: $60) (No Recovery, No Charge)

Remote Support

Billed via PayPal Invoice emailed to you, for Diagnostics or Virus Removal depeding on what is needed. For Remote Support Call us at 717-983-8121 and When instructed: CLICK HERE FOR REMOTE SUPPORT

Service Pricing does not include parts. Services Subject to 6% PA Sales Tax. Prices subject to change.


Payments can be made in person via Cash, Check or Credit Card

Payments made via Credit Card in person may show up on your Credit Card/Bank statement as:

AM Tech Support Services

credit card


Payments can also be invoiced via Paypal and can paid by Credit Card/debit card or Paypal. Payments made via paypal invoice may show up on your Credit Card/Bank statement as: PAYPAL * AMTECHSUPP or it may show up as PAYPAL * AMTECHSUPPORTLLC